Hospitality IT Specialists

Like all companies, those in the hospitality industry face typical IT-related challenges: the need for continual software updates, the ever-present threat of malware such as viruses and ransomware attacks, and basic stuff like setting up printers and Wi-Fi networks.

However, companies in the hospitality industry have additional, unique requirements that need specialist attention and at any time of the day, any day of the week. Their hotel management systems (which integrate electronic door locks, point-of-sale machines, in-house/housekeeping systems, restaurant and bar systems, and so on) need to run 24/7.

Could you imagine staying in a hotel where the IT systems fail and you’re locked out of your room, unable to buy a drink from the bar, and unable to connect to the Wi-Fi?

These things happen, which is why Atlas wants to help its clients future proof your businesses. This is the approach Sarel Pretorius has taken with Atlas since the company was incorporated in 2008.

Atlas is a managed services provider, contracted to maintain, uphold and service its clients’ IT infrastructure from A to Z. Our business is tailored to SMMEs that cannot necessarily afford the professional IT services they need. We offer specific solutions to fit our clients’ pockets, so that they still have a professional IT service that doesn’t break the bank – affordable, enterprise-quality IT solutions.

When Atlas took on its first hospitality client in 2013, Pretorius realised that the company’ unique approach suited this industry perfectly. Yes, Atlas can help manage printing facilities and maintain PCs like any other IT services provider. It can install, set up and manage an establishment’s high-speed, high-capacity Wi-Fi networks, too providing guests with a secure connection and allowing conferences to run smoothly.

However, where the Atlas solution comes into its own is in the company’s positioning as an IT management provider. This means the company will manage all the systems it installs, and even those it didn’t; whereby it acts as a single point of contact between the establishment and all of its IT and technical providers.

By being the single point of contact we can help eliminate gaps in communication and, therefore, safeguard the security of the many interlinked systems that run in the background.

Let’s have a chat about how our team can help change the way your hotel works – for the better!

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