Why VoIP?

Remote teams of workers and employees are a common reality now more than ever. This is particularly true as a result of the global COVID19 pandemic.

As the years go by and technology is perfected in this area, a broader range of software that is devoted to the purpose of controlling and maximizing efficiency of remote resources becomes more of a priority.

One of these softwares is known as VoIP. (voice-over-internet protocol). This allows an individual to make online phone calls, with the added benefit of enabling video, should the caller wish to.

Remote working offers great flexibility for both the professional and their employer, sometimes even generating greater productivity and performance. Using VoIP for this purpose is an excellent solution for both employees and employers, with benefits such as:

1. Making Remote Working Easier 

Employees can access calls and take their instruction, provide updates, receive feedback and ask questions just as if they were working in an office.

2. Allows Working On The Go 

Professionals in the 21st century business environment have full, busy lives. As such, they require the option of working both from their mobile devices and personal computers or laptops. This freedom becomes possible through VoIP.

3. Employee Benefits

A happy workforce is a productive workforce! Most employees prefer working from home. Incorporating the benefits of VoIP enables this to happen with more confidence in the employer that remote working can be executed efficiently and effectively.

4. Cost Saving 

With VoIP, companies have the opportunity to spend less rent on office space; or to possibly even do without it all together! Over and above this, VoIP saves employers on hardware costs since remote employees rely on their own setups at home.

5. Less Stress For Remote Workers

To avoid all of the frustrations, conflicts and drama that come with office-working, VoIP would allow different personalities to work together as a team, simply because they would all have the comfort of working in their own environments at home.

6. Higher Productivity

In many ways, VoIP-based management of remote workforces benefits both employers and employees to a considerable extent.

7. More Flexibility in Human Resource

Using devices setup with VoIP enables employers to hire according to their needs, thereby greatly decreasing the rate of employee turnover.

8. Scaling Up Or Down Becomes Easier

The VoIP system enables companies to do this with greater ease by allowing for a flexible and changeable structure.

9. Enabling Working Across Locations

VoIP enables companies to maintain the same number of staff even when they work from several different locations.

10. Reporting And Monitoring

VoIP offers a tracking feature, enabling employers to monitor  the performance of remote workers. This can measure the productivity of employees via several reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. The same applies for tracking and monitoring the manner in which a customer responds to the actions and output of the business.

11. Clarity Of Communication

Managers may use VoIP systems to micromanage their forces in a manner that doesn’t involve them desperately trying to contact everyone through direct methods. The VoIP system allows managers to see when employees are ‘away’ or ‘available’. In addition, the effective instant messaging option ensures unbroken communication when required.

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