Why VoIP?

Remote teams of workers and employees are a common reality now more than ever. This is particularly true as a result of the global COVID19 pandemic. As the years go by and technology is perfected in this area, a broader range of software that is devoted to the purpose of controlling and maximizing efficiency of remote resources becomes more of…

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The Benefits of Office 365

Efficiency is vital for a productive business. Having the ability to create, collaborate and communicate seamlessly is the key to improving efficiency and performance in an organisation. Having access to productivity tools to ensure that staff can execute their jobs in a more proficient manner - and from any location - ensures that the organisation is flexible and dynamic in its…

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Hospitality IT Specialists

Like all companies, those in the hospitality industry face typical IT-related challenges: the need for continual software updates, the ever-present threat of malware such as viruses and ransomware attacks, and basic stuff like setting up printers and Wi-Fi networks. However, companies in the hospitality industry have additional, unique requirements that need specialist attention and at any time of the day,…

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